The Center for Students and Young Scientistʼ Research and Education

The Center for Students and Young Scientistʼ Research and Education is the platform for the development of research competences.

The purpose of activity is creation of space for formation of research skills among the higher education applicants, development of scientific thinking and realization of intellectual qualities and creative potential of students and young researches, readiness and ability to active academic research work, continuous self-improvement and enhancement of career opportunities.

Key tasks:

  • Implementation, support of operation, continuous improvement and diversification of the forms of academic research work of higher education applicants for the development of researcher skills.
  • Organization of interactive training for higher education applicants on the topic of the formation and development of research competencies, promoting personal development of students and young researches.
  • Stimulation of applicants and research pedagogical staff to continuous self-improvement, implementation of measures aimed at ensuring self-education of students and young researches on issues of development of the skills of researcher, scientific management.
  • Promoting the development of competencies of research pedagogical staff in the training of scientific personnel, improving the skills of organizing and managing the research activities of higher education applicants.

Form of work – organization and assurance:

  • of work of student’s scientific teams
  • of conduct of communicative events (conferences, forums, academic seminars etc.)
  • of implementation of information education projects