Education of Philosophy Doctors (PhD)

In 2016, NAU started the education for applicants of high education degree  -  Philosophy Doctor (PhD) with duration of study - 4 years (the first 2 years the applicants study by developed general curriculums, the last 2 years they study by individual curriculums).

In the first year of study now there are:

·         31 postgraduate students at full-time program of study

·         11 postgraduate students at  evening intramural study

·         4 postgraduate students at part-time program of study


In general: 46 postgraduate students are studying at 14 specialties (from 17 licensed).

Postgraduate students are enrolled to 8 institutes and scientific laboratory "Nano-tribotechnology".

In postgraduate students supervision 26 specialized departments are enabled.

As scientific supervisors 36 leading specialists of university are appointed.