English-language education of master (specialist) degree students, postgraduate students and teachers

In 2016–2017 on English-language education programs there are 1690 students, among them there are 130 foreigners.

Education is performed in 7 institutes.

Education is realized by 34 majors and specialties,

Among them 18 ones are in accordance with curriculums of 2016 year.

The educational process is implemented by 305 highly-qualified teachers, among them there are 52 professors and 176 associate professors. At ICAO institute the training and testing of more than 50 teachers have been organized, 38 certificates of "Aviation English" have been given out. For all majors and specialties the curriculums and extended curriculums in English are developed and approved.   

Subjects are provided by corresponding education and methodical materials in English. Thus, for 2014–2016 years, more than 50 books and guides in English have been published.