History of Center

History of Center

Educational and Recearch Center of Advanced Technologies (ERC AT) is structural sub-unit of National Aviation University. ERC AT acts on the base of University Statute, Provisional Regulations on Educational and Scientific Center of Advanced Technologies and current Ukrainian legislation.

Center was created by the joint order of Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine and National Academy of Science of Ukraine of 20.03.2002 according to the provisional regulations on state institution of higher education and approved by regulations of the Government of Ukraine № 1074 of 5.09.1996.

Director of ERC AT is designated on the position on basis of University Statute and selected from the most experienced and authoritative Doctors of Science, Professors. The ERC AT was headed by the next prominent scientists:

1. Volodymir Kharchenko, Doctor of Science, Professor


2. Victor Kulish, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor


3. Olena Kuznetsova, Doctor of Pedagogical Science, Professor


4. Oleksandr Yudin , Doctor of Science, Professor


5. Mykola Sidorov, Doctor of Science, Professor


6. Vasyl Kazak, Doctor of Science, Professor

At the present moment the ERC AT is chaired by Vasyl Kasak, DSc, PhD, Professor, colonel in retirement.

Vasyl Kazak has been awarded 12 medals, The Excellence in Education of Ukraine (1988), Chevalier of the order of merit of the III degree (2007), The Gratuity and Diploma of Honour from Kyiv Mayor (2002, 2013), Gratuity from the President of Ukraine (2010), Diploma of The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine (2006), The Honorary Worker of Aviation Transport (2003), The Gratuity of State Customs Service of Ukraine (2000).

Chair of Department of Automation and Energy Management of NAU (2000 – 2007). Under supervision and direct participation of Vasyl Kazak the Department has opened and accredited preparation of specialists of all educational levels  according two specialities “automation and Automatization on Transport” , “Energy Management” and three specialization. Vasyl Kazak was the supervisor of 23 PhD holders and 2 DSc holders.

He has more than 300 scientific papers including 6 courses, 12 manuals, 5 monographs, 17 educational methodical guides, 28 invention patents. He is supervisor and participant of scientific developments in the frame of state scientific projects. Vasyl Kazak has made researches for ANTONOV Company, State design office “Luch”, State Joint Stock Holding Company “Artem”, State Company “Ukrtransgaz”, Scientific and manufacturing company “Vertolit”, Electroprilad Company. He is member of editorial boards of USA scientific papers (Baltimor).


More than 1700 students were graduated from ERC AT since its foundation. 124 Stdents have defended qualification work and received Diploma of PhD of NAU. 512 Students have received Certification of  ERC AT graduation. 127 have entered post graduate course of National Academy of Science of Ukraine and NAU, 7 graduates have entered foreign post graduate courses.

Well known scientists of National Academy of Science of Ukraine (10-15 Professors) and NAU (25-30 Professors) are invited to supervise students and carry out extracurricular educational and research activity.

Internship of ERC AT Students are organized at ANTONOV Company, State design office “Luch”, State Joint Stock Holding Company “Artem”, State Company “Ukrtransgaz”, Scientific and manufacturing company “Vertolit”, Electroprilad Company, BORYSPIL International Airport, Zhulyany Airport, Scientific and Research Institutes of National Academy of Science of Ukraine