Start-up school

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Startup School - is a space in which with the help of "NAU SPHERE" (teams of experts, mentors, practitioners - representatives of the aviation industry, entrepreneurs, etc.), you can acquire theoretical knowledge and practical skills in the field of development of innovative startups.
This is the stage of proving the relevance of the idea, proof of the concept and vision of the solution of a particular problem, on the one hand, as well as the center of non-formal education, advanced training and postgraduate education, where scientific and methodological activities are carried out, on the other hand.
Within 3 months, participants will be able to form their business model and experience the life of the start-up company.
After completing training and submitting their project, participants receive a certificate and become the qualified entrepreneurs.
You will get:
In the startup school, we teach participants to test their innovative ideas for viability in market conditions, to create prototypes and test them with consumers, and most importantly - to present the finished product to future investors and business angels.
Participants will get:
• 3-month intensive training program;
• 45 hours totally of theory and practice;
• up to 15 hours of mentoring by request;
• monitoring the growth results of the projects;
• preparation and presentation of team projects to potential investors
Learning in the startup school helps you to form entrepreneurial thinking and create your own business model. Throughout the whole training, mentors of the school - key experts in the industry will work with the project teams. You will be able to feel the life of the startup from the inside, to develop working prototypes of your innovative products which are sold and from which you can create a promising business.
• Creative thinking. Formation of an idea.
Canvas Business Model. Interconnection of different parts of the model. Value proposition template.
• Validation of ideas by Lean-methodology. Designing MVP and MSP.
• Marketing researches. Sales Market Assessment. Hypothesis testing. Promotion.
• Protection of intellectual property. Types of protection of intellectual property. Peculiarities of protection in Ukraine and in the world.
• Business Process Management. Project team: roles, competencies, selection.
• Sales - technologies, skills. Monetization channels.
• Financial model. Legal aspects of business implementation.
• Working with investors and partners. Conducting a business meeting. Investment presentation.
• Presentation of projects.
• the presence of ideas and openness to all the new;
• motivation to study;
• readiness to work in a team.
In the process of learning, we will form the project teams and accumulate the experience of collaboration, successes and fails. It is very important for us to create successful innovative projects together with you, to create models and working prototypes of your products.
The minimum number of people in a team is 3.
To register for training in the startup school, please fill in the online form at