Структура Центру

Structure of the Centre


Graphic Model of External Scientific – Innovation Education of ISCIT of National Aviation University


Graphic Spidergram of Internal Interaction of SECIT with Academic Subdivisions and departments of National Aviation University

The Centre collaborates with Academic Scientific (AS) Aerospace Institute (Inst), AS Institutes of Airports, Aero navigation, Ecological, Safety, Information Diagnostics Systems, Humanities, International Relations, Computer Information Technologies, Economics and Management, Law, International Students Faculty et, related to the issues of conducting scientific-research, scientific education / academic events with students as well as implements planning of scientific and research activities.

SECIT students have an opportunity to conduct scientific experiments using state-of-the-art equipment of scientific research laboratories of Ukraine’s National Academy of Sciences such as: “ Aerodynamic research:, Strength and Resource of Aircraft, Nano Robotics Technology, Synthesis and Restoration of Integrated Image, Technical Diagnostics and Aviation Technology Reliability (or Air worthiness) Control, materials and Aerospace Technology Design Mechanics, Rocket propellant fuels, Operation and Technological Reliability of aircraft.

Academic and Scientific process is implemented applying modern laboratory equipment, multimedia and network technologies, including laboratories and simulation classes of Ukraine’s National Academy of Sciences and those of National Aviation University.