Умови вступу та навчання

In 2016 NAU started a four-year training course for applicants seeking higher education academic degree of PhD (the first 2 years of study are based on the educational and scientific curriculum, years 3 and 4 – on individual plans). The main form of PhD training at the 3-rd (educational and scientific) level of higher education is the postgraduate course. Enrolment of applicants  having the qualification of “Master” or “Specialist” is made on the competition basis. Only those who have timely submitted all the required documents according to the specification of the higher educational establishment are admitted to take entrance examinations. The admission board can deny an applicant the admission to take entrance examinations to the postgraduate course only in case an applicant failed to submit the required documents by the time fixed.
Entrance examinations to the postgraduate course and registration outside the postgraduate course are given weighting coefficients equivalent to 1.
Entrance examinations include:
-          entrance exam in specialty based on the higher education Master level curriculum for a relevant specialty (coefficient 0,5)
-          entrance test in the English language (equivalent to level B-2 of general European standard for language proficiency). An applicant who has confirmed his/her level of the English language proficiency with a valid certificate of TOEFL, International English language Testing System (IELTS), Cambridge English language Assessment is exempt from taking the entrance test in English.
When assessing the competition  results the certificates mentioned are recognized as equivalent to the results of the entrance test in English with  the highest grade (coefficient 0,25)
-          an essay presenting research ideas and achievements signed by a scientific supervisor ( coefficient 0,05). For applicants entering the post graduate course in a specialty  other than the one specified in the diploma of higher education, the selection board in major assigns an additional entrance examination  in specialty of adjacent field of knowledge. For additional entrance examination weighting coefficient is not used. When evaluating  competitive grades of each applicant the following factors are taken into account :
-          an average grade from the diploma supplement (coefficient 0,05).
-          additional points for scientific achievements (coefficient 0,15)
On the rating list, applicants to the postgraduate course and those registered outside the postgraduate course are arranged according to their competitive grades ranging from higher to lower grades.
The rating list of entrants in each specialty includes the following details:
-                     entrant’s full name (surname, first name, patronymic);
-                     surname and initials of the name of  prospective supervisor;
-                     score.
Competition based selection for the PhD level of higher education is accomplished depending on the results of the entrance examinations, the evaluation criteria of which are stipulated in  “ The Rules of entering  NAU post graduate course”.
            Applicants to the postgraduate course must take the following entrance exams:  
- additional entrance examination (if necessary) for those who are going to enter the postgraduate course on a field of study (specialty) other than that indicated in the Master's degree (Specialist's degree) diploma;
-                      entrance exam in specialty based on the higher education Master level curriculum for a relevant specialty;
- entrance test in the English language (equivalent to level B-2 of general European standard for language proficiency).   Having a B2 certificate equals 100 points at the entrance exam;
- an essay presenting the applicant's research ideas should be performed  according to requirements of the corresponding Department and assessed by a 100-point grade scale regardless of the entrance examination in specialty.
            Additional entrance examinations are taken prior to entrance exams in specialty and the  English language. Additional entrance exams are assessed  by a 2-point grade scale as follows: "passed" or "failed". In case of failing the additional exam the applicant loses the right of participating in an entrance campaign. The competencies and skills demonstrated by applicants while taking the entrance exams in  specialty and foreign language will be evaluated  by a 100-point grade scale.
            A complete list of documents required for admission to NAU postgraduate course includes :
- application of a set form (signed by the applicant's scientific supervisor - a scientific and pedagogical NAU employee on the staff, by Head of the Department as well as Director of the Institute / Dean of the Faculty);
- application for enrolment to a postgraduate course;
- consent to personal data collection and processing ;
- copy of Master's degree (Specialist's degree) diploma indicating obtained specialty;
- copy of diploma supplement with grades;
- written reference of the applicant's research activities composed by  scientific supervisor;
- personal HR (Human Resources) official application form;
- autobiography;
- photo (3,5 × 4,5 cm);
- copy of passport pages with submitted records;
- copy of identification code;
- copy of work record card;
- reference letter from an employer;
- medical health certificate, form № 086-B (for foreign citizens the health certificate is approved  at NAU Medical Center);
- two A-5 format envelopes;
- original higher education diploma and passport are personally submitted by the applicant.
            The deadline for submitting the applications and complete sets of mandatory documents by persons involved in taking entrance exams to the postgraduate course:
March 1, 2017 - June 30, 2017.
The entrance examinations:
July 3, 2017 - July 11, 2017.